Marie Forleo Deals with Envy

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Man, I love me some Marie Forleo. If you didn’t get in on this week’s Marie TV goodness, you really did miss out big time.

There. Did you feel it? A little envy creep in at the thought of not getting in on something great?

While the internet can be a huge boon in finding stuff, learning about things, buying stuff, it can also be an enormous jealousy-inducer. Yep, we bloggers are not exempt from the green-eyed monster and feel it too when we see others posting, tweeting, and gramming up their extra awesome lives.

So, how to deal with that not-so-fun feeling of wishing you had what someone else has got? Marie breaks it down in her usual sassy no-nonsense way. And here is a hint: don’t fight it. Watch and learn.


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Written by Liz Thompson

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