Making Green Living Easier Than Ever

Renee Loux’s Easy Green LivingThere’s a great new book on the shelves by award-winning author Renée Loux: Easy Green Living. Loux, who penned Living Cuisine and the Gourmand Award-winning The Balanced Plate, is a celebrated raw foods chef and host of the TV show “Easy Being Green.”

In her new book, Loux applies her whole-foods philosophy to our homes, gardens, and beauty routines, including lots of “5 Step” lists which make it easy to implement changes easily. Without being condescending or preachy, Loux conveys her philosophy about what it really means to live a “green” life, and how each little change we make contributes to a higher quality of life in every aspect. It’s inspiring as well as instructive.

The 416-page book is available at and you can read more from (and about) Renee Loux at her website,

Written by Deb Hiett

Deb Hiett spent several years in New York City, where she was an actress, dancer, musician, and playwright. In reviewing her first original one-woman show, The Village Voice called her "the bold new voice in solo . . . a sure-shot writer." Her work has won The Carl Cherry Center for the Arts “One on One” Writing Competition and The Western Stage's “Starving Artist” Playwriting prize, and her short stories have appeared in several literary journals.

Deb’s love of writing married her passion for healthful, organic, and environmentally-conscious living once she moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. She has spent the past year planning her wedding, writing screenplays, and applying a variety of broad-spectrum sunscreens.

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