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Loudermilk Trunk Show and In-Store Appearance

Linda shows off one of her gorgeous rings.

As Lucille told us in an earlier article, Clary Sage hosted a lovely trunk show with Linda Loudermilk’s collection taking up at least a quarter of the boutique. There were delicious hors d’ouvres, wine and plenty of competition to try on eco-couture. Linda has always been very experimental, and continues to push forward with the most cutting-edge eco textiles. Unusual raw materials like seaweed or milk are woven into clothing as gorgeous as any I’ve seen on the Paris runways.

Linda’s background as a sculptor ensures that the lines she creates within her garments are far more innovative than most. Clary Sage also has a great selection of Loudermilk jewelry, with variations on her famous faucet necklace, as well as some other great pieces. The faucet necklace is something she conceived to draw attention to the water crisis, and a portion of the proceeds go toward the UN’s “water is a human right” campaign. If you can’t make it to Clary Sage to pick one up, they’re also available online at inhabitat.

Putting the Fashion in Eco-Fashion

It’s so refreshing to see actual fashion in an eco-fashion line, while so many other designers are limiting themselves to casual wear. Do any of us really need another organic cotton tee? But a suit proudly made in a responsible factory, of the most avant-garde eco textiles, is something any of us can proudly wear to work for years to come. Having worked in the industry for over a decade, including having worked for Linda many years ago, I know just how much work goes into developing and manufacturing clothing in an ethical way. It can never be as cheap as the mass-produced junk we buy from China, because the development process is longer and manufacturing in countries with higher labor standards is more costly. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for.

photo credits: party: Potion PR faucet:, fall 2009 look: David Casteel for Linda Loudermilk

Written by Susanna Schick

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