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Lighten Up!


Ever wanted a brighter and more radiant complexion? Or have you ever wanted to help rid your skin of pesky dark spots? Well here is an all natural bi-weekly mask recipe that will help tons! I use this mask a lot, and recommend it to clients who, like me, respect a more natural approach to skin care.

So it’s only three ingredients! First you will need fresh lemon juice, baking soda, and organic honey. I like mine kinda thick, kinda runny, but it is up to you how much of each you want to add!

The lemon juice is going to help with the dark spots, the honey will help prevent future breakouts, and the baking soda is an exfoliant as well as helps with lightening.

I want you all to try this and let me know how you like it!


Written by Emmamason

Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I am an Esthetician. I have a love for eating clean and healthy as well as staying active. I love what I do and helping people love their skin in the process! Check out my Twitter, Blog, and Instagram!

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