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Life Goggles: The Mighty Wallet Joins the List of Green Fashion Accessories

The Mighty Wallet, made from Tyvek paper that contains 25% post-consumer recycled paper, and can be recycledEditor’s note: This week, our friends at Life Goggles take a look at a very cool (and very green) accessory: the Mighty Wallet. If you’re looking for an alternative to leather or other less-green materials, and want something that can go right into the recycling bin after its useful life is over, this product is definitely worth checking out. This post was originally published on Wednesday, May 21st, 2008.

The Mighty Wallet is another alternative to using a leather wallet.

Made from a single sheet of Tyvek paper (like that’s used for express envelopes) it containing 25% post consumer content (water and milk containers) and is 100% recyclable (grade 2). The wallet is also apparently virtually indestructible. It’s certainly tear-resistant as I couldn’t tear it with my bare hands (looks like my phone book tearing days are over), and it’s water resistant too. It’s incredibly thin and light, but has lots of slots to put cards in and the wallet will expand just like an stuffed envelope.

Available from Dynomighty for only $7.50 they come in a variety of designs, like the airmail envelope shown, faux wood, “raw hide” (printed to look like leather), camo, dot matrix printer, and one that looks like shredded paper. Available in two, or three fold versions, there is plenty of choice; go take a look for the full range. The designer Terrence Kelleman talks you through the wallet in the video below.

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