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Life Goggles: Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags

Envirosax Mikado #5 Reusable Shopping BagEditor’s note: OK, most of us probably don’t really consider shopping bags an accessory. According to our friends at Life Goggles, though, Envirosax bags aren’t just functional and reusable — they’re also real eye-catchers! This post was originally published on Monday, May 26, 2008. If you really like these bags, make sure to check out Victoria Everman’s interview with Envirosax founder Belinda David-Tooze from last May. Also check out how these bags stack up against others with Life Goggles’ new reusable bag comparison chart.

Envirosax was founded in Australia in 2004 (now available in the US), and makes eco-friendly bags. Made from a lightweight polyester, they have reinforced seams in order to carry the weight of two plastic shopping bags.

The most striking feature (besides that they roll up really small) is the sheer number of cool designs they come in. The picture is of the one I’ve got, Mikado #5; however they have many designs in the Graphic Series (Mikado, Retro Graphic, Monochromatic, Flora, Amazonia, and Retro Kitchen). They also have a big Kids range (as in a big range, not a range for big kids…). My favorite being the Dogasaurus.

If you prefer your bags plain, they have the Greengrocer series of bags that are all one color. Finally, the Organic series has bags made of Bamboo/linen, just linen or hemp.

At the moment they’re including a free 3-4 minute shower timer with every order. Cool bags, and their brochures are made on recycled paper with soy-based ink – I always like that too. Check them out.

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Written by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

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