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Let’s Talk Body Image!

body image

Body image can be a tricky topic, especially if you’ve struggled with food and body image issues in the past. There’s a certain stigma attached to body image issues, and I think that’s one of the reasons that this problem is so prevalent. We don’t feel like we can talk about it. Our issues with food or with what we see in the mirror make us feel ashamed.

When the vast majority of women and even teen- and tween-aged girls struggle with body image issues, it’s more important than ever that we feel like we can talk about these feelings. That’s why I was excited when my friend Anita Avalos shared the video below on her blog.

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If you’re not familiar with Anita’s work, she is a lifestyle coach who wants to help women move beyond fad and crash dieting and beyond the self-loathing that comes with those things. She helps women love their bodies by focusing on health, rather on size. The video, produced by Lifetime, is a chat between actress Busy Phillips and Amanda De Cadenet, and it’s rocking my socks. Check it:

As a woman who also identifies as a feminist and has also struggled with food- and body-image problems, I found it refreshing to hear women talking about these things frankly. There are so many things I wish I could have told my 14-year-old-self about this topic, and I hope that the more we have an open and honest discourse about these topics, the easier it will be for girls and for women to realize that we are all beautiful just how we are.

What did you think about this video?

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Written by Becky Striepe

My name is Becky Striepe (rhymes with “sleepy”), and I am a crafts and food writer from Atlanta, Georgia with a passion for making our planet a healthier, happier, and more compassionate place to live. My mission is to make vegan food and crafts accessible to everyone!. If you like my work, you can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .


  1. Another important topic and great post, Becky! It’s a topic that’s close to my heart too as I raise two daughters and three sons. The images they see during their limited “video time” weigh heavily on me, so much so that I blogged about it here: I hope you enjoy the three videos as much as I did. I’m happy that these women are stepping up to make a difference. Let’s hope that our united voices help!

  2. This topic speaks volumes to me, as I struggle just like Busy. I am a strong, feminism-supporting woman, yet I find myself judging my body and others. AHAHAH.
    I’m not a mom, but I am an aunt to a beautiful little lady, and I would NEVER want her to judge herself – videos like this…having the conversations…will only help her to understand her truth. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m glad that you connected with the video, Megan. The more we all talk about these issues the better! Your niece is lucky to have a strong female role model to look up to!

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