Kick Mosquitoes Down a Notch This Summer

Bug Bam wristbandsFor those of us who hate the thought of slathering on dangerous chemicals like DEET just to enjoy a summer picnic without mosquito bites, there is good news!

Bug Bam has created these fantastic wristbands that resemble “cause” bracelets and are amazingly effective in repelling mosquitoes. All-natural (made with plant oils), DEET-free, and 100% recyclable, these wristbands are waterproof, sweat-proof, and last up to 100 hours.

You can even put them on the chair legs as you sit down to enjoy your outdoor barbeque feast. They have a citron-y fragrance, but you don’t smell like you’ve been dipped in citronella wax. For just a few bucks, Bug Bam can help you can stay safe, stylin’, and most importantly, unbitten.

Bug Bam wristbands are available in kid-size at LeapsandBounds, and adult-size at Wal-Mart and BJs’ stores. More info at

Written by Deb Hiett

Deb Hiett spent several years in New York City, where she was an actress, dancer, musician, and playwright. In reviewing her first original one-woman show, The Village Voice called her "the bold new voice in solo . . . a sure-shot writer." Her work has won The Carl Cherry Center for the Arts “One on One” Writing Competition and The Western Stage's “Starving Artist” Playwriting prize, and her short stories have appeared in several literary journals.

Deb’s love of writing married her passion for healthful, organic, and environmentally-conscious living once she moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. She has spent the past year planning her wedding, writing screenplays, and applying a variety of broad-spectrum sunscreens.


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