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I Love My DIY Meditation Made Easy Guide

Now (on top of my yoga meditations) I’ve been reading another little guidebook on simple self meditations to instantly remind me of the beauty in our everyday surroundings, and let me share they work like magic.

“Don’t self-medicate—self-meditate” is one motto for this book (both online and off) on self-meditation which encourages us to reap the evergrowing array of benefits related to the practice of meditating.

Creatively drawn from spiritual practices from Zen, to yoga, Sufism, and insight meditation, this book touches meditation basics, mantras and koans, tips, and ideas. A pocket guide style book, it reminds us to practice our inner breath, that recharges us with energy and vitality. Often people believe the only way to enlightenment is in long drawn out meditation retreats, and while those are amazing, it really only takes time out to meditate a few minutes a day for the same health benefits.

From Amazon’s description

…hundreds and hundreds of meditation practices that can be done during the course of our daily lives. You don’t need to go to a mountain retreat, renounce meat, or walk through coals on the soles of your feet—here’s a meditation to have with a cup of tea….

Created by author Barbara Ann Kipfer, who also wrote 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, Instant Karma, The Wish List, Words of Wisdom, and more.

I own several of her books and will confess to reading them recently during long jury duty breaks, waiting in line and so on. The best part of these do it yourself meditations is that they are easy enough to remember when the going gets tough. My favorite spark of Barbara’s genius is in her happiness web tools which stream more of her wise sayings each time the pages are refreshed!

Written by Lucille Chi

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