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Hydration at the Office

woman drinking waterWith the effects of hydration on our health so clear (it’s a natural remedy for headaches, clear skin, and helps to rid the body of impurities), it’s obviously tantamount to drink plenty of water. In an office setting, it’s not always easy. You’re busy, there are plenty of distractions, and coffee is usually the drink of choice (coffee is a dehydrating element).

In addition, there’s the problem of the plastic. Water bottles from bottled water purchases are only recycled 27% of the time, which creates a tremendous stream of waste and drives up the price of gas due to increased demand for oil-based products.

Many offices have water coolers, but what’s to protect you from the potentially unhealthy chemicals leaching from the 5 gallon plastic bottle inverted on top of it? Plastic is made from petrochemicals. Most water jugs are made from #5 plastic, which is not only not very recyclable, but can potentially leach chemicals into drinking water.

So get this–at your office, why not skip all the petrochemicals inherent in bottled water usage, and just get straight to the hydration? Great tasting filtered water straight from the water cooler…minus the plastic intermediaries.

A company appropriately called Quench offers exactly this technology. They use the full complement of purification technologies to remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins, and bad taste, and claim to be the only ones in the industry who do so. These include:

  • uV sanitization
  • 5 stage carbon filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • BioCote anti-microbial protection
  • Food-grade tubing
  • Stainless steel tanks

These six technologies make for clean, healthy drinking water that tastes delicious and has no residue or leached chemicals from plastic! The design of some of these water coolers is also really stunning…

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 1.54.53 PM

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This post was sponsored by Quench, a provider of bottleless water coolers for your home and office. Check them out and see if their solutions are a good fit for your home and/or office.

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