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How to Relax: Destress Your May

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I have said it before, the month of May is the second busiest month of the year, beat out only by December.  May is exciting, filled with end of school year events and plans for summer, but crazy and stressful none-the-less.

Do you feel this way too?  I’ve talked with lots of other women who are also teetering on the brink of stability this month.  Feeling over scheduled, stressed and just plain worn out seem to go with the territory year after year.  And knowing that it is coming does not seem to lessen the toll.

If you are like me you run around all day long getting things done, are exhausted by 7 p.m. and still can’t fall asleep at night because you are too busy planning the layout of the next day.  Sure, once June hits things ease up a bit but what are we to do now?

This article from GOOD was in my Twitter favorites and when I came across it this morning thought, “boy, could I use this right now!”.  A handy three part post on de-stressing, The GOOD Guide to Relaxing covers everything from improving sleep habits to breathing techniques.

Read it, keep it handy and…have a great May!

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Written by Liz Thompson

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