How to Organize Your Closet, DIY Style

How to Organize Your Closet, DIY Style

Need to get your wardrobe in order? Here’s how to organize your closet so things stay tidy and easy to find.

Closet organization systems are expensive, and they’re often made of not-so-eco materials. There’s usually lots of brand new plastic involved. Even when you choose metal organizers they’re often coated in plastic. Boo! Here’s how to organize your closet without buying pricey closet organizers instead!

1. Shoe Hanger

Do you have a shoe problem like I do? I am so excited to try this DIY shoe hanger made from old wire hangers.

2. Scarf Hanger

Say goodbye to tangled scarves. Grab an old hanger, some clothes pins, and wood glue! What I like about this solution is that not only does it keep your scarves all together, but they hang so that you can see what you have at a glance.

3. Coke Crate Tie Holder

OK, so calling this “DIY” is a bit of a stretch, since you really just stick this crate into your closet, and you’re set. Any container with small dividers would do, so see what you can track down at the thrift store, flea market, and yard sales.

4. Organize Winter Gear

Check Craigslist and the thrift store for an old hanging shoe rack to keep things like gloves, scarves, and hats in check. Just make sure you wipe everything down before you use this to store fabric – you don’t want your scarf to smell like an old shoe!

5. DIY Garment Rack

What about how to organize your closet when you don’t have much closet to work with? A garment rack adds space by giving you a clothes-hanging area outside of the closet. Flimsy plastic garment racks are for the birds. Check out this sturdy alternative made from all metal components.

6. Closet Dividers

Create sections of your closet for shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and accessories with brightly-colored dividers. Use reclaimed paper instead of scrap book paper to reduce the new materials in this project.

7. Savvy Shoe Storage

Turn your old shoe boxes into stackable storage! You want to know what shoes are in which box, and this tutorial shows you how to create a simple little window so you can see the shoes without them falling out.

8. How to Hang a Sweater

Don’t you hate those divets that hangers make on your sweater shoulders? And if you just sling them over a hanger, they end up all over the floor. This is a clever way to hang a sweater so it doesn’t get misshapen and it stays securely on the hanger.

9. Soda Tab Hangers

If you’re working with a small space, go vertical! Soda can tabs turn your stash of hangers into a vertical hanger system to fit more clothes into less space.

10. Pillowcase Garment Bag

Keep out of season clothes from collecting dust with cute garment bags made from vintage pillowcases. So cute!

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Written by Becky Striepe

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