How-to: Make Homemade Liquid Soap from Bar Soap

by Vanessa Roberts

homemade soap

There really isn’t anything better than saving money and keeping it mean and green, is there? I mean, if I can save some cash and do my own little part to help this gorgeous world of ours then I consider it a goooooood day, which is why I’m oh-so-hooked on these DIY tricks lately. They not only help me save money but they help me satiate my inner green queen!

Bar soap is fine and dandy, but there are some times when you really need hand soap to do the job. Allow me to introduce you to homemade liquid soap! *cue angels singing *

Homemade Liquid Soap Recipe


  • cheese grater
  • 2 bars of cheap, yummy smelling, all natural bar soap
  • 2 tablespoons of glycerin which you can get in the medical aisle
  • 1 gallon of water
  • a big ol’ pot


  1. Once you’ve got your supplies together, grate all your bar soap and add that, your 2 tablespoons of glycerin, and your gallon of water into your pot and put it on the stove at medium until it’s all melted.
  2. As soon as it all melts together, turn off your burner, and let your mixture sit for anywhere from 10-12 hours. It may harden a little and turn a bit cloudy, but don’t worry – that’s supposed to happen.
  3. After your 10-12 hours pour your mixture into any jug, mason jar, or glass container of your choosing and decorate it if you feel like getting extra crafty!

If you find your soap is too runny, simply grate more soap into your mixture and re-melt it, or if you find it is too hard, just add more water. Easy peasy!

I love me a good quick and easy DIY project, especially when it’s cheap! So what’s your favourite DIY tip?

Vanessa is a lifestyle blogging babe whose work can be found on various websites around cyberland, including reviews on the best under eye creams, as well as various other lifestyle brands. The best part about her job? She gets to help her readers live their best lives.

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