Holiday Gift Idea Alert: Etsy Now Offers Gift Cards!

holiday gift idea

Need an easy holiday gift idea? Check out Etsy’s new gift cards!

Black Friday is coming up in just a few days, and for a lot of folks that signals the start of holiday shopping. Black Friday shopping is stressful, and it’s no good for the environment, either. Last year, we spent almost $55 billion on holiday shopping. That is billion with a B! Imagine the impact it would make if instead of giving our holiday dollars to big box stores we put it in the hands of local artisans instead!

Etsy is my go-to for online holiday shopping, and while I was browsing last week, I saw that they’re now offering up gift cards! I know, some folks see a gift card as kind of impersonal, but I think the right gift card can be such a fun present. You’re giving your giftee a chance to treat herself (or himself!), where (s)he otherwise might not.

I also like that an Etsy gift card is a great way to expose folks to the joys of buying handmade. Maybe you know someone who isn’t familiar with Etsy or knows about it but is nervous about buying there. The gift card is such a great opportunity for them to try out the site!

One thing to note: sellers on Etsy have to opt in in order to accept gift cards, so not all sellers take them. If you know that your giftee loves a certain shop, check to see if they take the cards before you buy. If they don’t, it might be a better idea to see if the seller offers any kind of independent gift card option.

They offer gift cards that you can send via email or you have the option of printing out a paper copy to stuff in a stocking or put under the tree. You can check out the new gift cards page on Etsy right here!

Written by Becky Striepe

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