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Healthy Eats: Homemade Almond Butter


Hey everyone! My name is Emma, I am new to the FGS community and couldn’t be more excited! Today I wanted to share with you a super simple, yet delicious, recipe for homemade Almond Butter. If you like experimenting in the kitchen as much as I do, then I know you will enjoy this tasty treat!

So here’s the deal between almond butter vs. peanut butter: almond butter has 26% more Vitamin E (great for your skin!), 3% more Iron, and 7% more calcium than pb. Almonds are alkaline foods too which is great for your internal organs as well as increased metabolism and energy.

Generally almond butter is more expensive than peanut butter, but definitely so if you get a certified organic brand which you should do especially when dealing with nuts!

Here’s what you will need for making your own delicious cinnamon vanilla almond butter:

  • A food processor (I used a Vitamix)
  • 2 cups of raw organic almonds
  • 1 TBSP. of cinnamon
  • ½ TBSP. of pure vanilla extract
  • A sweetener of your choice (optional)

Step One: Roast the 2 cups of almonds for about 8-10 minutes on 350 degrees. This gives the almonds more flavor.

Step Two: Once slightly cooled, pour the almond into your processor or Vitamix and blend until the almonds become grainy.

Step Three: Once grain-like, add the vanilla extract and cinnamon. I did not use a sweetener in mine but if you do, add it with this step!

Step Four: Blend, scrape, blend, scrape. You are going to have to keep scraping the sides down the processor/Vitamix to make sure everything gets blended smoothly. You will know when the butter is done, just blend until desired consistency! I like mine smooth and creamy!

Almond butter is a great compliment to my morning ‘green monster’ smoothie as well as with apples! Let me know if any of you try it, I am dying to know what you think!

Also, pop on over to Eat Drink Better for more amazing recipes.


Written by Emmamason

Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I am an Esthetician. I have a love for eating clean and healthy as well as staying active. I love what I do and helping people love their skin in the process! Check out my Twitter, Blog, and Instagram!

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