Healing Headaches: 4 Natural Remedies

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3. Environmental Triggers

This is a tricky one, because if your headaches are allergy-related, it’s harder to escape the cause than if it’s something in your home that you can control. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Hide Indoors – I hate to tell you to stay inside, but if pollen causes seasonal allergies for you, avoiding the pollen is your best bet. You can also try eating local honey to help your body get used to the local pollen
  • Eliminate! – We come into contact with so many chemicals on a daily basis, and some of these chemicals can trigger headaches, especially fragrances. If you’re using artificial room deodorizers, try eliminating those to see if your headaches subside. You can also switch to “free and clear” soaps and detergents, so you’re not carrying fragrance around with you.
  • Step Outside – I know, I just said stay inside, but if your headache is developing indoors, it could be something in your house that’s causing it. Get out for some fresh air and see if that helps.

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Written by Becky Striepe

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