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Greening Hollywood: A Moveable Juice Feast

We all get a little run-down from time to time. And we all need to take care of ourselves.  Here in Hollywood there are truly devoted experts who have fine-tuned natural techniques to keep our engines humming. 

Timothy Martin, iZO Cleanze FounderTimothy Martin, founder of the Izo Cleanze an all-natural juice cleanse, walked me through a 5-day juice cleanse or “fast” and offered some coaching along the way, which is documented here in our Moveable Juice Feast conversation.  Another option is Charisma Cuisine whose Victoria Wieszkowiak offers a 3-day juice fast which includes daily doses of fresh coconut juice, full of electrolytes.  Anyone who loves organic fruits and vegetables needs to stay up on two bills floating through Congress right now: H.R. 875 and especially H.R. 759.  Read up on them HERE.

For Springtime Regeneration and Renewal, nothing tops Raw Juice!

Paige Donner, Greening Hollywood Hi Tim. Woke up SO excited to start my iZO cleanze today.  Five days seem so doable and I know they will go by in a flash!

The delivery came early this morning.  All juices packed up in a nice little ice chest tote bag, on ice to keep them chilled.  Love the fact that you recycle the jars so there’s no excess waste or trash.  Reminds me of those milkmen stories we’ve all grown up hearing…but I digress……..: )

You sent me the menu guide in a PDF so I see that I will be ingesting a juice or a tea or a lemonade every hour or so.  That is wonderful because I know it will keep me feeling like I always have something in my tummy.  Love the slight spiciness of the first Green Juice. It’s not spicy in a peppery way but more in a celery sort of way. Fresh!

I’m keeping the menu right at my desk so that I will remember to keep myself on the schedule. One of my dietary missteps is to go all day without eating and then eat a late meal of portions that are probably too large for me.  This should help in training me to stagger my light meal!

Tim Martin, Founder of iZO Cleanze, drinks to good health.

Nice, Paige!  I can tell you’re going to be such a good little cleanzer!  Love your enthusiasm!

Yes, this should be really good for regulating your food intake habits.  As one of my trusted advisors, dietician Ashley Koff says, the body should be treated like a race car, not a street car.  Rather than run it down to empty, we should be making replenishment pitstops every few hours.

Now I know everything is all nice and rosy for your now, but realize that the detox process has not yet begun.  It generally takes at least 12 hours or more without solids for the body to switch over into cleanse mode where it starts to dump toxins on a cellular level.  You may experience some of the effects of these toxins as they pass out of you.  These effects can range from patches of sluggishness to mild headaches.  The key to realize is that these are only patches and that you WILL get through them.  As another advisor of mine  Taoist Herbalist Rehmannia ‘Dean’ Thomas says, the Chinese have a saying that the first buckets of any well are muddy.  Simply put, it may get ‘worse’ before it gets better.  And then again it may be all rosy all the way through.  This all depends on your level of toxicity. 

If you do get headaches or experience sluggishness, I would increase your laxative intake to make sure you are eliminating the toxins.  The ‘negative’ detox effects are a result of auto-intoxication whereby the previously dormant toxins in your body have been kicked up and are not passing through the body quickly enough, and are thus being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.  A good bowel movement will do the trick to clear this up.  Coffee drinkers and caffeine addicts tend to experience this phenomenon more than others. Alrighty then!  🙂  Let me know if you have any issues or questions. 

Paige Donner, Greening Hollywood  Good Morning Tim! Am feeling pretty chipper this morning.  Around midday yesterday – the first day of the iZO Cleanze – when I started to feel a little “hungry” it was just the time to drink the protein juice. That was delicious! It had a nice, lightly nutty flavor. What do you make it out of and how many grams of protein are in there?  It sustained me, along with the rest of the juices, teas and lemonade, for the rest of the day.

I’ve been feeling like I need to brush my teeth every few hours. I am thinking that those are toxins that are being released? Day Two has just started and I’m looking forward to it!

Read a bit of your bio.  So this is something you’ve started out of your kitchen? Way to go!  Which juicer do you use? just curious…Also, I am now picturing you as the Mad Juicer up all night juicing fresh vegetables with husks and organic vegetable detritus flying everywhere! So as to make your deliveries in time.  Your people must fan out across the city like little juice elves during the night! : )

Does it take a lot of coordination? I have mentioned the iZO Cleanze to several people and they do know of it.  The perception is that it’s the Lotus of cleanses – to use your earlier race car metaphor.

No headaches or sluggishness yet. The schedule of approximately one tea or juice or lemonade every hour keeps you very conscious of what you are consuming and when.  I am thankful I am working at home for these few days!

Tim Martin: Yes, many people find that one of the detox effects the experience is increased plaque on the teeth and tongue.  This is quite common.  Besides brushing often, I recommend using a tongue scraper. 

The iZO Pro drink is made is a hemp seed and water base, with a protein superfood added:  black beans, black rice, black sesame, ho shu wu, bee pollen, and maca. 

We use the Greenstar juicer which we’ve found to make the highest quality juice on the market.  Yes, they were crazy times when I was making the juice out of my kitchen and delivering it myself in pre-dawn hours of the morning.  A few times I pulled 25 hour work days!  That was only possible because I was on the cleanze!

Yes, it has been quite a feat to pull all this off.  As you can imagine, this is a very operationally-intensive business we’ve got here.  Lots of coordination has been worked out so that you get your juice perfectly intact on time!  And yes, my workers are indeed elves!  How did you know?  🙂

In response to some of the people who may have commented that iZO is the Lotus of cleanzes, you might want to mention that we do have the iZO Superfood Cleanze which is much more affordable.  It consists of organic, vegan, raw superfoods that you mix with water or with juice that you make or buy on your own.  It is just as effective in the cleanzing dept, but it’s not the luxury of having fresh juice delivered to your home every morning.

Paige Donner, Greening Hollywood: Hi Tim! I ventured forth today and had “lunch” with a friend. She agreed to meet me at Whole Foods, my choice, as I thought that would be casual enough to allow me to bring my protein juice for lunch. It was and it worked. As she ate her salad I had absolutely no food envy. Hooray!  (I’m an admitted foodie). That protein shake is pretty satisfying and, of course, we took the opportunity to talk about various cleanses.

I can’t tell you how spoiled I feel getting these delicious juices delivered every day!  My friend talked about a cleanse she had done and mentioned that while she loved it, it was just so time intensive!  This delivery service is awesome.I just step out my front door every morning and voila’ : breakfast, lunch and dinner awaits.

One adjustment I’ve made: I cut down on the dosage of laxatives. They are a bit strong for my body. I know you had mentioned to adjust as necessary so I did and I’m expecting I will be more comfortable.  I am approaching the evening of my 4th day!  I indulged in a super yummy nap today.  Felt so good and indulgent and my body was delighted with me for it! Day 5 is almost here. I was right – it has gone by in an absolute flash. I feel good…more than GOOD! I feel GREAT!

Tim Martin:  Beautiful!!!  I love it!  🙂  yer approaching the finish line!  Meanwhile, I’m on Day 58! Excellent to hear you are doing so well, Paige! 

FYI, there is no ginger in the lemonade. It’s probably the cayenne pepper that you’re tasting.

Yes, yummy afternoon naps are ideally a part of any cleanze!  You summed it up right- your body is regenerating, peacefully, non-invasively, naturally.  It most certainly loves you for doing this.

How do I do my 100 days?!?  Well, first of all, think about how good you are starting to feel and multiply it by 1000.  That’s how good I feel!  Second, I’m already a creature of habit with food, as in, I could eat the same thing every day without a problem.  I don’t get bored of the same routines.  But most importantly my 100 day journey goes way beyond my personal transformation and is meant to be a demonstration for all that cleanzing is not only safe, but incredibly healthy and restorative.   If I can do 100 days, anyone can certainly do 3 or 5 days.   When there is a mission of such importance as that, I can do ANYTHING!  But again, it’s kind of easy when it feels so good.    The only thing I kind of miss is eating out with people.  But every once in a while I’ll go to a raw food restaurant and have a bowl of soup when the social occasion arises. 🙂

Paige Donner, Greening Hollywood: Good Morning Tim! So I woke up feeling a little sad that there wouldn’t be any fresh juices to greet me. : – (  How quickly we get spoiled!) I think my body is very pleased with  me.  Five days is a good amount of time. You’re right, I didn’t get hungry. Last night, to celebrate the last night of the iZO Cleanze, I ate two dried dates. I thought I would eat more as I love dates. But something happened!  I was so completely satisfied, even sated, by just two dried dates!  The sweetness was so rich and after the purity of all the fresh juices and no food for five days, my tummy just didn’t know what to do with all the riches!!

My ideal regime would be to do one of these iZOCleanzes with you every couple of months. Not just to cleanse my body but also to readjust my body machine.

I went to the grocery store this morning and chose granola and soymilk as a start to wean myself back on solid food. All natural granola, no sugar added (must read labels very carefully!) was what I intuitively knew all that my tummy could handle. Sugar seems like such a poison right now. So does coffee. Oh, if this space could last and last and last, dieting would never even be an issue!

I guess that’s one of the great benefits of your iZO Cleanze is that your body just naturally re-adjusts to a healthier diet.

Question: On your 60th day now, what kind of exercise regime are you able to keep up with? One thing I wonder about is if anyone with a strenuous workout regime could do an iZO Cleanze for any extended period of time? Is there enough protein intake for that?

Tim, I thank the iZO Cleanze! My body thanks the iZO Cleanze! and, above all, my healthy cells and organs thank the iZO Cleanze!!
Tim Martin:  Congrats, Paige!  You did it!  And your body DOES love you for it! I would cut the soy milk out of your diet.  Go for hemp milk.  Here’s the skinny:  Almond milk is good.  Hemp milk is better.  It’s at Wholefoods- buy Living Harvest ‘Original’ flavor.
I am currently doing yoga 3-4 times a week and running 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week.  Plus I do morning stretches.  As well as daily Spiritual practice.  All no prob.  I have more than enough energy to do this stuff.  In fact, if I didn’t I would almost have a hard time going to sleep because my body is so energized! Big hugs to you!  – Tim

And to you, Tim!  100 days you did. WowiZO!!

Raw Food and Juice Cleanse

CharismaCuisine offers a similar juice fast menu and can even help transition you off of juice with her complete raw foods menu. Raw foods is a diet that Martin also recommends, especially when coming off of a juice cleanse.  Charisma Cuisine’s Victoria will readily tell you that she raised her 6’2″ son by feeding him a steady diet of raw foods when he was a baby.  CharismaCuisine’s daily menu includes two servings of protein juice that is made from water and a protein powder. It tastes so rich and creamy that I didn’t believe I was drinking a water-based protein drink.  Victoria points out that this is what makes it good for kids who might have dietary issues or tendencies towards diabetes and also what makes it so transportable. “I just put some powder in one of my bottles, take it with me to wherever I’m going and add water when I’m ready to consume it. Very easy and perfectly nutritional,” she points out.

IZO Cleanze Juice Feast

Written by Paige Donner

Paige Donner has written on Entertainment for magazines such as Variety and Daily Variety since the early 90's. She produced several segments of Earth Views, for KTVU-Oakland also in the 90s before environmental reporting went mainstream. She currently writes a column, Greening Hollywood, that can be found on the Huffington Post, here on GO Network as well as other outlets. Paige holds a degree in Political Science with minors in French and International Relations.

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