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Green Divas Podcast: Mercury Retrograde Mixed Bag

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Blame it on Mercury Retrograde . . . we had an awesome show last week, complete with  lively international Green Diva Correspondent report from Nomi Lyonns, yoga instructor, cabaret performer and self-titled eco-nazi. We also had a soothing interview with Natural Body Spa owner, Cici Coffee, who is also on the board of directors of the Green Spa Network.

Green Diva Lisa also gave a nice report about organic wines and a new APP to locate gourmet trailer food vendors wherever you are. You can see a post (complete with relevant links) about her report on

Due to huge technical SNAFU, we lost the recording. We’ll reschedule these folks. Please stay tuned! – SORRY 🙁

Meanwhile, I thought I’d share one of our favorite shows from a couple of months ago, that highlights awareness about the fairly under-reported issue of light pollution and its effects on wildlife and the environment. In this show, we interviewed Kevin Poe, also known as the Dark Ranger.

Laugh, learn and listen to the Green Divas Radio Show & Podcast!


NEXT WEEK’S FEATURED GUEST (if Mercury Retrograde behaves!):  The Green Reaper (aka Elizabeth Fournier) – Funeral Director and Author of All Men are Cremated Equal: My 77 Blind DatesIf you would like to ask Elizabeth anything, please leave a message here or go to our facebook page.

Written by Green Diva Meg

Green Diva, radio/TV host, publisher, author, content producer, screenwrwiter, and pro green blogger. all about sharing information on low-stress, sustainable living. You can also find The Green Divas on Twitter, Facebook, and .

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