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Green Diva’s Guide to Fresh Style: Recycled Rod Stewart? mandala bowlI did a post recently about, which has a great sustainable standards system. While researching the site, I fell in love with these awesome Mandala Bowls! The one you see above is my very own photographed by my digital imagery sidekick and video guru, Zack Wozniak, who sidelines as a TV producer in NY when he isn’t working a Green Diva gig.

The top image is the inside of the bowl, and the bottom image is the bottom, which as you can seen was an old Rod Stewart LP!

These beautiful bowls are made from old vinyl albums. This is recycled music at its best – if someone comes up with something we can make from those ancient 8 tracks or soon to be useless cassett tapes, that might trump this.  The wonderful mandala designs are painted in acrylic on recycled vinyl records then heat-sculpted to make these awesome bowls. If I could figure out how to heat sculpt these things, I would make use of the 300 albums rotting away in my garage! Of course, this would require me to be a good, creative painter/designer . . . oh well.  Thanks to artist Christine Claringbold, untalented folks like me can still get their hands on these great bowls (and other items made from albums as well)!

Could make nice, colorful, interesting and green holiday gift . . . See’s sustainability rating and order one! 

Written by Green Diva Meg

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