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Green Diva’s Guide to Fresh Style: Luscious Organic Mod Skin Care

Mod Skin organic skin care

I have extremely sensitive skin, so I am very careful when offering to test skin care products. When I read about Mod.Skin, I was cautiously optimistic and excited about the prospect of a line that seems so clean. Of course I was also skeptical because I’ve tried some that say such wonderful things on their packaging and in their promo materials that it is easy to be enthusiastic until my skin rebels in a show of random blotchy rashes or better yet, zits. ick. I’ve gotten these results from some of the best-promoted ‘organic’ natural skin care products touted out there. I won’t diss them here because part of it is probably my extraordinarly sensitive skin. I think I’m a perfect skin care product tester – like a canary in a coal mine – if it isn’t really squeaky clean, my skin will react to it. So far, only a couple of products have kept this canary’s face rash/zit free and Mod.Skin is one of them.

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Under My Skin
I’m still pretty ignorant about the various ingredients that I’m supposed to know about – which ones are okay, which ones are not, which ones are controversial. Heck, I can’t even pronounce most of them, which makes my mental retention of them and their intended uses and/or abuses almost impossible to remember. (perhaps this explains why I’m not a scientist, but a common ordinary, garden variety writer.)

Mod.Skin has a very ‘green diva meg’ friendly (which means a baboon could understand it) page about skin care ingredient knowledge, which I found helpful. They take a very holistic, simple, natural and practical approach and avoid synthetic ingredients while using nutritional-type ingredients to feed our skin. I was particularly validated in my resistance to sunscreens (even having had a wee bout of skin cancer already) and liked their philosophy, which includes staying out of the sun during peak hours and wearing hats rather than slathering on potentially harmful sunscreens on our faces.

My Experience with Mod.Skin
I was offered two products to play with – the Samurai Scrub and the Face Sculpt Serum. As I said, I was cautious and skeptical, but decided to give it a try and if I didn’t break out in the first week, I figured I would go for two and see how things progressed from there. I’ve been using these products for about a month now and I intend to keep going! The scrub has a wonderful texture and consistency. It reminds me of when you are mixing room-temperature butter with sugar. I definitely wanted to taste it – but I restrained myself. I have used the scrub a couple of times and it is very refreshing and not too harsh when used with water even for my wimpy skin. The serum I’ve been using every day and am quite addicted to it. I had been using a wonderful moisturizer made from honey from my local bee lady, but this firms things up and keeps me moist without anything else! And NO rash or breakouts!

There are many other wonderful attributes to this skin care line, including the philosophy of the founder, Raffaele Ruberto. One of my fellow bloggers, Delia Montgomery, did a great post on him and Mod.Skin ‘Holistic Whole-Face Nutrition‘ back in August.

I highly recommend giving these products a try!

Written by Green Diva Meg

Green Diva, radio/TV host, publisher, author, content producer, screenwrwiter, and pro green blogger. all about sharing information on low-stress, sustainable living. You can also find The Green Divas on Twitter, Facebook, and .

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