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Green Diva’s Guide to Fresh Style: Eco-Bags for Fun, Style and Lots of Reuse!

dude with eco-bagEco-bags are IN, and not just for cool re-usable grocery shopping bags either. In my travels (literally), I’ve come across some very cool eco-style bags – and they aren’t all just re-used burlap sacs either!

Here’s a few of my favorites

GG2G – ReVynalized Bags & Accessories
Bringing their philosophy of recycle and re-use into their design world, friends Day and Alison have created a fun and beautiful line of bags and accessories made from recycled billboards lined with organic cotton. I have a couple of their bags and they always attract a lot of attention.

Ella Vickers – Recycled Sail Cloth Bags
Go nautical with these eco-friendly bags made from recycled sails from around the world. Ella, a sailor herself, started making the bags from old sails and friends started wanting them. Her ‘urban-chic’ collection includes a variety of designs and sizes from small cocktail cache’ to totes and duffel bags.

Bazura Bags(TM) – Colorful Bags Made from Packaging Waste
These bags are made by a women’s cooperative in the Philippines sing ‘Pre-Consumer’ waste packaging gathered from juice container manufacturers in and around Manila. Normally this material would end up in landfills. It’s so much more bazura bagsfun as a bag!

Rejavanate(TM) – Re-Usable Bags for Earth & Social Conscience
Okay, so these bags are burlap, BUT they are customizable and their story is a great one. On their website, I learned that 800,000 tons of burlap is land filled every year in the US. Whew! That’s a lot of burlap going to waste. Rejavanate bags are made from real coffee bags that were headed to the land fills. This company also employs developmentally disabled individuals who might not otherwise find work.

Gecko Market Bags – Beautifully-colored Bags made of Former Rice Sacs
These beautiful bags are made in Cambodian village in a certified Fair Trade environment. Love these bags!

The images provided for this post: dude on bike with permission from GG2G; colorful bag with permission from

Written by Green Diva Meg

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