Green Dating: Are You Selling Yourself Short?

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3. He’s a Show-Off

People who are unstable in their personal beliefs constantly feel the need to assert them, even in places where it isn’t appropriate. Sometimes an event, such as gaining a girlfriend, triggers reactionary efforts in some men to assert their “manhood” and individuality. After all, no man wants to appear “henpecked.” However, some guys are so paranoid about “losing control” and losing their individuality that they place their insecurities ahead of your happiness as a couple, and value external gratification more than your private time together. If your partner constantly has to define himself and his “manliness” at your expense, leave him alone to pay the price.

Red Flags for Green Dating:

  • He starts doing things just to “test” your reaction (wearing more animal skins than usual, eating more meat than usual, etc..)
  • The main organizations he insults, makes fun of, or criticizes are leading environmental and animal rights organizations (Greenpeace, PETA, Humane Society, SPCA).
  • He draws undue attention to his food choices or yours (i.e. “I’m having a REALLY DELICIOUS STEAK,” or “She’s missing out on this great steak by eating her nasty tofu …”).
  • He views being “green” and cruelty-free as a “girl thing” that “real men” aren’t into.
  • He demands that you cook dishes you aren’t comfortable preparing (such as veal or foie gras), just to get his way.
  • He always expects two separate meals on the table, and refuses to eat what you eat even though he never tried it or has any legitimate health concerns about it (meat-eaters do not have moral qualms with eating vegetables… which is great since shitake mushroom risotto is an excellent vegan aphrodisiac!).
  • He ridicules your beliefs in front of his friends, publically or privately.

At the end of the day, “crunchy” women leave the world a better place by endowing it with more compassion and goodwill. This is an important role, so do not deny yourself the respect and tolerance you extend to the earth and animals around you.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by hellykelly

Written by Roxy the Killer

Feminist, fashionista, animal lover, and budget-minded green machine... all wrapped into one.

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