Green Dating: Are You Selling Yourself Short?


1. He Ignores Your Values

A loving partner respects your lifestyle by recognizing it as part of who you are, not by pretending it doesn’t exist. Successful partnerships require compromise and understanding on both sides. Practices that come with living compassionately (refusing to wear fur, recycling, being veg*n, buying organic) are important moral decisions which define who we are, and how we see ourselves.

A respectful and mature man respects that, and understands that “live and let live” does not mean “I live, you shut up.” He makes concessions and seeks to learn about your lifestyle in order to avoid misunderstandings, and doesn’t ignore what is important to you. If the man in your life does not respect your customs, but simply expects you to tolerate his “normal ones,” hit the road! You deserve better.

Red Flags for Green Dating:

  • He won’t use shared income for green products that are used for shared chores. Makes excuses such as, “I’ve always used THIS product” or “Your product costs too much,” even though some of his purchases likely cost more than cruelty-free soap (shiny tech gadgets, anyone?).
  • Ridiculing you as “finicky” for refusing to eat food that goes against your ethical beliefs.
  • Repeatedly bringing you to restaurants that do not have food options for you.
  • Complaining about your “tofu,” but accusing you of “preaching” when you complain about his food choices.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by F Mafra

Written by Roxy the Killer

Feminist, fashionista, animal lover, and budget-minded green machine... all wrapped into one.

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