Green Dating: Are You Selling Yourself Short?

A young man wearing a large cowboy hat and holding an ax stares sideways at a young women as he thinks about meat via a cartoon thought bubble. The young stares ack at him with a concerned expression, holding a tree as she thinks about a pig.
How irreconcilable are your differences?

Dating is difficult enough without being “crunchy.” Family, religious convictions, ethnic background, and political orientation can make or break a partnership. But what does being environmentally-friendly or cruelty-free add to the mix?

Green dating certainly isn’t easy. Gender imbalances in many green communities (68-80% of of animal rights activists are women) cause many of our crunchy sisters to enter relationships with male partners who do not share their values. But where do we draw the line between compromise and giving up?

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Robnas

Written by Roxy the Killer

Feminist, fashionista, animal lover, and budget-minded green machine... all wrapped into one.

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