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Whether you are looking for back-to-school clothes or items to spruce up your fall wardrobe, next season clothes shopping is right around the corner.

Buying second (or third…) hand clothing is super popular these days. The economy may have us short on bucks, but that doesn’t mean our taste in clothes and accessories is any lower. Visiting your local thrift store and perusing your local and online classified ads can wield some stellar finds and keep your pocket book fat.

Personally, I have never been much of a thrift store shopper. There is a certain skill set to knowing how to get the most from consignment shopping.

And then I watched a reality show called Resale Royalty on Style Network. Have you seen this show? Aside from being totally addictive to watch, it opened my eyes to the fact that you can find some super great stuff for super cheap. The selling end doesn’t look too bad either. These ladies seem to be making some serious bank.

Second hand shopping isn’t just for grown ups either. The consignment clothing market is huge in the children’s category. Kids go through clothing and shoes at light speed. Just when you think you have everyone covered (literally) they grow, and once again you are in need of new items.

We parents know that tinier sizes do not necessarily mean tinier prices. Children’s clothing and accessories can be fairly expensive, and because you are constantly replacing them, it really adds up.

Shopping thrift is also green. Rather than spending your bucks on new stuff, reuse the clothing that is already out there. Good your you, good for the planet.

So before you go fretting over the money you will blow on the upcoming school year (for your kids) and fall season (for you), take a closer look at your local classified ads and consignment shops.

Need some extra cash to get you started? Go through your kids’ closets and see what they are no longer wearing, then cash them in. I do this about three times each year and make some nice spending money. My favorite shop even donates the stuff they don’t want to resell for you so you don’t have to run down to your local mission.

Maybe you are dreading the cash drain of shopping for the upcoming season. Or maybe you love the thrill of the hunt. Either way, it is time to get your thrift shopping on.

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Written by Liz Thompson

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