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Glowing & Gorgeous In One Easy Step.

It’s a well-known fact that I’m an organic & natural beauty junkie, not to mention lip balm addict, scented candle guru, and total body polish freak. So how do you get glowing and gorgeous in one easy step? Body Polish, body scrubs, body exofliants! In my opinion body polish is underrated and under-appreciated as one of the great beauty products of all time.

Body polish or scrubs are usually comprised of sugar or salt grains (but there are various options available) and a gorgeous assortment of base oils, butters, flower essences, herbs and essential oils. By using a body exfoliant a few times a week you stimulate circulation, encourage cell renewal, get rid of toxins & dead skin cells, plus the grains buff your skin into super smooooooth. Organic oils and butters leave your skin ultra soft and glowing to the point where you don’t need moisturizer – and the whole thing happens in the shower in about 30 seconds flat – a bonus if you’re as time challenged as I am!

I have several favorites but this is one of my current obsessions – Lilikoi (passionfruit) & Lemongrass Body Polish from Malie. With organic virgin coconut oil, cocoa & mango butters, Lilikoi has a deliciously tart and delicate scent, while lemongrass has a bright citrus fragrance that’s full of life, zest and vitality. Let me tell you, these two scents will kick start your day faster than a double espresso! You’ll be uplifted, invigorated, exfoliated and softened all in a state of tropical bliss. Ahhhhhh … perfect for Summer. Writer :: Emma Pezzack – the best organic beauty products in the world.

Some other faves: Nature Girl Organic Sugar & Lemon Peel Scrub, Eminence Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub, Sheaterra Bourbon Vanilla Shea Butter Salt Scrub

Written by Emma Pezzack

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