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Gisele Bündchen’s “Top Must Haves” Includes Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream

Just because a celeb deems it great, doesn’t make it so. Afterall, they are paid big bucks to toute product they don’t really use. However in this case, I totally agree with her and doubt she is getting a dime to sing this product’s praises.  Dr. Alkaitis is a celebrity favorite and for good reason.  When I had the great pleasure of speaking with him last October, I asked him about celebrities using his products:
Q: “Is it true that celebrities use your products?”
A: “Yes, many of them do. They are paid to endorse other products but they use mine because they’re effective and they can’t afford not to have beautiful skin in their line of work.”

 Gisele had this to say in the January ’09 issue of InStyle magazine about Dr. Alkaitis Eye Cream:

“I love organic products. This cream is so natural you can it eat!”

Mostly used in spas, holistic clinics, by estheticians, celebrity makeup artists, and lauched in the UK last year, this line has received rave reviews and for good reason. As a chemist, molecular biologist, ethnopharmacologist (someone who has studied the traditional ways of healing mainly with plants) and pharmacognosist (someone who has studied the medicinal properties of plants), Dr. Alkaitis combines his vast scientific knowledge of plants with a holistic way of healing the skin to create a truly potent line of products. All products are made in-house, including the extracts, and are all formulated and manufactured by Dr. Alkaitis. They’re biologically active, made from raw, organic ingredients with a base of organic aloe vera, not water (like most lines). And products are no more than 2 weeks old when shipped.

This product smells delish and feels cool under and around the eyes.  Find it for $49 at:  (All the products are extremely concentrated so a little goes a long way). 

Written by Stancie Wilson

Stancie Wilson is an avid researcher who’s passionate about organics and the personal care industry. She’s not a hippie or treehugger (though nothing wrong with that), she’s a modern working woman who loves spreading the word about truly pure and stylish products, helping educate others about the dangers of toxic ingredients and who’s tired of rampant greenwashing.

She’s Co-Founder and Editor of Fig+Sage™ [], the go-to online resource for discovering hip organic & fab eco finds (with a heavy emphasis on organic beauty), Green Editor for Pricegrabber’s ShopGreen site [] and was the first to be awarded the 'Eco-Friendly Expert Maven' title by where her recommendations are followed by millions of shoppers.


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