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Gifts with the Feelgood Factor


Christmas paperBuying Christmas present for others can be stressful, especially if you’re not sure what to get.

Begin by making the whole process positive – picture the person you are buying for in your mind’s eye, and then meditate on them as the God or Goddess of something: their personality, their hobby, their particular quirk. Suddenly you’ll find that you feel better disposed towards them (especially if their Godly costume is particularly cute) and ideas for suitable gifts will spring into your mind.

Kitchen God

He’s always in the kitchen at parties and other times too, and he can make you feel like a domestic failure because his recipes are always a joy to consume. Instead of competing, humbly offer up some superb ingredients, in the knowledge that your gift will repay you a thousandfold when he uses it to cook something wonderful for you to eat:

  • Great garlic, organic style comes from Diva Farms Limited who sell across the USA and abroad.
  • Seldovia Village Tribe in Alaska produces jellies and jams – buying online from them supports an indigenous community which harvests berries from its tribal lands and let’s be honest, how can you not love a company that has a ‘bear tested’ seal of approval for its products!

Goddess of Wisdom

She’s smart, she’s savvy and she can see through puffed up claims on packaging with her X-ray intelligence. She can be daunting to buy for because she’s always done her research:

  • Let her create her own scent with Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir Tasting Kit which offers a base cologne and three scents: Raspberry, Casablanca Lily and Guaiacwood which she can spray over the base scent to personalise her fragrance.
  • Glowing skin comes from healthy eating and a natural lifestyle, not chemical additives, so your wise goddess friend will tell you. Support her beauty regime with a Camellia and Rose Cleanser which is both organic and detergent-free, and comes with a muslin face cloth, from Pai, who include an elegant personalised giftcard with your order.

Green Goddess

This is a gal who will give up everything to save the planet. She’s a wonderful campaigner, but sometimes seems to sacrifice her own happiness to her ethics. Give her back a little luxury and watch her blossom:

  • She’ll relax with Care Cosmetics by Stella McCartney, not only do they not contain animal ingredients, Stella doesn’t use any endangered plant species in their production either.
  • And let her sit back and enjoy the Naturally Gorgeous book by Green People founder Charlotte Vohtz which is a guide organic and holistic ways to enhance and protect your health. She relax while she reads, and she’ll be learning as she does, which is exactly what this gal loves.

Gym God

He loves working out but wants to look good while he does it. His abs are to die for, but perhaps his gym look needs a bit of a reincarnation:

  • Saf clothing has reasonably priced and stylish organic cotton wear that won’t break the bank but will have him looking like the God he is. And their philosophy works as hard as he does to keep the planet fit and healthy too.
  • Let him groom as efficiently as he works out, by giving him the Wahl Grooming Gear kit, which covers everything a man could need: one trimmer removes unwanted nasal hair and does fine detailing, while the other is for neatening up the neckline, sideburns and generally touching up the hair with an adjustable guide comb for controlling the length of the hair. There’s also a pair of tweezers, nail scissors and clippers, toothbrush, comb, clipper batteries, oil, cleaning brush and a nail cleaning and filing tool – all in a neat travel bag just right for the gym.

Gift paper courtesy of misocrazy at Flickr under a Creative Commons Licence


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