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Get out and YOLO – Paddle Boards Take to the Waves

Because “You Only Live Once,” which is the motto that YOLO founders, Jeff Archer and Tom Losee live by, get out and play on one of their paddle boards before summer is over. Paddle boards are re-emerging as one of the hottest sports and past times from Florida (where the duo is based) to the shores of California and beyond to Hawaii.

This stylish way to stay fit and explore your local eco system, the company offers  ‘Yolo Paddle Fit,’ a series of workouts to help you increase stamina and strength.

Just remember, look into Bethesda Skincare SPF or another chemical free sunscreen – 4-6,000 lbs of SPF a year gets dumped into the ocean, which is responsible for bleaching coral reefs.

Kiss My Face also has a paraben-free After-sun Aloe ($6) in case you are having too much fun to go in early.

Written by Courtney Carlisle Bolton

When she isn't writing or in the library, this tech savvy ecophile can usually be found glued to her mobile or macbook ogling the latest gadgets, scouting the newest designs, traveling or out enjoying the Colorado terrain.

Courtney holds two masters degrees in Psychology and Communications and received her BA from Vanderbilt University in Psychology and English. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Denver, CO where she is pursuing her PhD in Family and Child Psychology.

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