Gaga + Robin Hood Foundation Run Contest to Help Homeless Youth

Lady Gaga has long been an advocate of the homeless and poverty-stricken youth of NYC.  She recently teamed with the Robin Hood Foundation to aid the struggling youth of her hometown. 

The duo ran a contest where anyone from Gaga fans to New York philanthropists could vote on which which of the five selected organizations they would like to see receive $1 million for the cause.

The five nonprofit organizations nominated were The Door, Hetrick-Martin Institute, Lawyers for Children, Safe Horizon, and SCO Family of Services.  Participants “liked” Gaga’s Facebook page and voted for the organization they wanted to win.

Last Monday night Lady Gaga performed an hour-long concert at the Robin Hood Foundation’s annual gala attended by Wall Streeters, celebrities, and Gaga fans.  The very successful event raised more than $47 million from auctioned items, including a recording session with The Black Eyed Pea’s Fergie, which brought $400,000.

The winner of the contest was announced at the gala and is… SCO Family of Services.  We applaud your efforts Lady Gaga.

Writer:  Liz Thompson – Organic Beauty Source – Green beauty news, trends, and reviews.

Image:  ama_lia at, Creative Commons license.

Written by Liz Thompson

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