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French Cosmetics: local action, global beautification

nominoeNominoë is a brand-new cosmetics brand launched last year and it is not just an organic beauty line but an organic beauty line made it Brittany. It’s a profoundly regional company, using local suppliers to create its products.

Nominoë himself was a man who helped to create the historical Duchy of Brittany and by using his name for the company, the founder, Jeremias Martins is linking his cosmetics to a long background of powerful historical figures with a local focus.  The brand claims that it is possible to produce top quality, simple, organic products using botanical ingredients that haven’t been imported from the other side of the world, so that the supply chain is short and doesn’t damage the environment.

Active Botanic Formulations

This means that Nominoë’s products include unusual formulations such as gorse, artichoke, rock samphire and buckwheat extracts as well as the more familiar items such as bees-wax and sesame oil to make the line’s shower gel, exfoliating body scrub, body oil, and a gentle foam cleanser. The formulations are certified by Ecocert, and free from parabens and aluminium as well as containing only contain natural preservatives. Bottles are made of recyclable plastics and have no secondary packaging.

Working with Small Businesses

But Nominoë goes a step further in using French small and medium sized enterprises to supply its labels and packaging. At present the brand can be found in many shops in Brittany, and has about twenty outlets across the rest of France as well as being sold online through a variety of sites. You can find out more at the Nominoe website.

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