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Five Winter Hair Conditioning Treatments


As the cold winter winds blow in, along with them comes dry hair. Instead of running out and buying an overpriced jar of harmful chemicals, peruse the aisles of your favorite grocery store. Here are five winter hair treatments that are safe enough to eat.


1. Avocado

This fruit is chock full of nutrients and good fats for your body. If eating them is great, how can they not be fantastic slathered in your hair? This recipe from The Green Diva  combines avocado with yogurt and honey for a rich hair treatment. This combination also works really well as a face mask!


2. Mayonnaise

I’ve never really enjoyed the taste, or smell, of mayonnaise but I can’t deny it’s conditioning properties. provides a recipe that gives a deep condition for even the most damaged winter locks.


3. Banana

Natural Hair Care Blog gives us four great recipes using bananas and other ingredients such as honey, mango, and burdock oil. These sweet recipes are a little more nose friendly if you’re worried other natural treatments will leave your hair smelling savory. This video from Howcast shows us how to make a banana hair mask that combats frizz.

olive oil

4. Olive Oil

Remember those commercials for hot oil hair treatments? Instead, grab your olive oil and follow these directions from Daily Glow. Hot oil treatments have also been known to help with other winter hair issues like frizz and dandruff. Over on Care2, there is a quick recipe that incorporates an essential oil of your choosing for a personalized treatment.


5. Coconut Oil

The fatty acids in coconut oil make it perfect for a nourishing hair treatment. Healthy Oil Planet shows us that, with a little time and some coconut oil, you can make dry hair a thing of the past. Check out this post, right here on Feel Good Style, that gives more insight as to where the tradition of oiling your hair comes from.

Do you have any tried and true winter hair recipes? I would love to hear about what you do to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy during the long, cold months. Feel free to leave a comment or recipe!

avocado image by JIGGS IMAGES via Flickr Creative Commons
mayonnaise image by SpirosK via Flickr Creative Commons
banana image by Caro Wallis via Flickr Creative Commons
olive oil image by madmaxx via Flickr Creative Commons
coconut image by muhawi001 via Flickr Creative Commons
hair image by Andy Houghton via Flickr Creative Commons

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