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Five Homemade Beauty Products Using Seasonal Produce


5. Spinach

Over on Leon’s Beauty Tips and Secrets, get a simple recipe for a spinach mask that can help fight wrinkles and diminish under eye dark circles. Many dark leafy greens, like kale and chard, are also available during the winter season and are easy additions to healthy soups and stews.

Do you have any homemade beauty recipes that you like to make using seasonal produce? What produce is in season in your area to make beauty treatments with? I would love to hear some of your ideas and get some more recipes. Feel free to leave any comments or links.

[Produce face image by kumasawa via Flickr Creative Commons, Carrots image via Iguanasan via Flickr Creative Commons, Potatoes image by Sifu Renka via Flickr Creative Commons, Sweet potato image by mitikusa via Flickr Creative Commons,  Blood orange image by Stefanvds(.com) via Flickr Creative Commons, Spinach image by Nickster 2000 via Flickr Creative Commons]

Written by Maria

Hey there! I'm Maria Raffaelle and I currently live in Chicago, IL. I have a passion for all things eco-friendly in makeup, skincare, haircare, and fashion. The crafter in me loves to put a DIY twist on beauty too! One of my goals is to help women realize that they are all beautiful; no matter their size, shape, or skin. Let's celebrate the beauty in each of us, together!

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