Feelgood Fitness: Try The 100-Up For a Better Run

100-Up did wonders for my running routine!

Maria recently shared an awesome 4 minute workout, and it reminded me about an awesome exercise for runners that my buddy and I have been doing lately called the “100-Up.” It takes maybe 3 minutes to do, and I feel like it’s really upped my game when I go for a run!

My running buddy Bill hipped me to The 100-Up, which he read about in a New York Times article on running. The 100-Up is a technique from the 1800’s that’s being revived by running expert Christopher McDougal. I’ve been calling it “McDougaling,” because I think it has a real ring to it. I hope that you’ll try McDougaling, too! Here’s a quick video showing you how to do it with the right form:

I started doing this a few times per week, on our off days, and it has made a real difference in my stride and speed! I feel like I pick up my feet more and trip less. Yes, tripping. I can’t tell you how many times Bill has grabbed my arm and saved me from a face plant while we were running. McDougaling has really helped in that department!

We’ve been speed training lately, and since I started doing the 100-Up I’ve been able to push myself faster longer. It was tough at first: I could only do half a set my first time. Like with any new exercise routine, the key is working your way toward your goal. If 100 is too much the first time, do what you can and add a few more reps as you get stronger. What’s more important is maintaining the proper form. You don’t want to push yourself and end up injured, right?

Do you have a favorite training exercise for your running routine? I’d love to hear what’s working for you in the comments!

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Written by Becky Striepe

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