Feelgood Fitness: Jogging Strollers For New Moms

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It can be a challenge for new moms to get back into shape when you need to be around your baby 24 hours a day in the first year, and jogging strollers can make a big difference in fitness for new moms.

A jogging stroller helps promote outdoor fitness while you spend some quality time with your baby.  The stroller design even allows you to do some good stretching before you head out for a jog.  There’s nothing better than going for a jog in the fresh morning air rather than visiting a stale gym where you can’t even bring your baby along.

To choose a good jogging stroller, you want something that’s good for you and for the planet. Many eco-conscious moms love BOB Jogging Strollers. BOB’s philosophy is “We’ve always preferred using our own horsepower over resource-consuming products.” That’s why their office has a plethora of two-wheelers in the bike rack and  fewer cars in the parking lot. Their other Eco friendly accessories include trailers to attach to bicycles that includes all your family’s camping supplies with a maximum weight capacity of 70 lbs. The stroller’s frame has a 5 year warranty, so it’s designed to be the only stroller your baby will need. A long lasting baby product will keep it from going into the landfills unnecessarily, and another good way to re-use the stroller is to pass it to another family or donate it.

Jogging strollers are great for fitness and can help you reduce your impact. A short trip to the local grocery store with your baby by foot will help save on unnecessary emissions and help minimize your family’s carbon footprint. Traveling locally with your jogging stroller also encourages a closer family time together as it’s much more memorable than taking a drive.

Whether you’re looking into using a jogging stroller for fitness or to make your routine more eco-friendly, these are a few stroller exercises that can help get you going:

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