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by Nikki Johnson

baby feet

When I was pregnant with my now 1-year-old, Molly, and the time came to start looking at products we needed to buy for her I became completely overwhelmed.

Not only are there hundreds of different brands to choose from, but once you whittle those down there are even more decisions to make on what type of product to buy: Sensitive? Fragrance free? Lavender scented? Organic? OMG, how do I know I’m making the right decision?

Ultimately, you will have to figure out what works best for your family.

A helpful resource is EWG’s Skin Deep website. There you can type in any product and they rate the health concerns of the product on an easy 1-10 scale. The site also gives you a breakdown of all the potential concerns such as high/medium/low percentage of causing cancer/allergies/hormonal disruptions. I have found it extremely helpful in my search for products to use in our household.

Here are my favorite safe baby products:

There are hundreds of products out there so when you find ones that fit into your eco-friendly lifestyle, don’t feel like you have to switch them up. When in doubt I always go with California Baby products. They work for our family, I know they’re safe, and they always fully disclose their ingredients. What are your favorite baby products?

Nikki Johnson is a former AOLer turned freelance writer. She writes about health and nutrition at Pure Matters and random mom things on her personal blog, NoVa Mom Blog.  Along with writing she owns her own dessert business, Noms by Nikki, which may not quite align with her healthy lifestyle, but she practices the mantra of “Everything in Moderation.”

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