Eco-Friendly Jewelry From Figs and Ginger

Recycled silver necklaces from Figs and Ginger

Check out these lovely, handmade, recycled necklaces from Figs & Ginger! Husband and wife team Elijah & Rhonda Wyman have been making handmade jewelry together since 2004, and they create all of their pieces using recycled metal.

Conventional silver and gold comes with a hefty environmental impact. Mining for these metals contaminates surrounding waterways, contributes to soil erosion, and often is not much better than the strip mining or mountaintop removal we associate with dirty coal.

Figs & Ginger teamed up with the DuckDuck Collective to produce a short documentary about their process. Check it:

While they’re not processing new orders until January 3rd, you can find Figs & Ginger‘s goods in shops all over the country and at other online shops.

Images via Figs & Ginger

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Written by Becky Striepe

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