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Eco-Friendly Fashion: 10 Tips for Supporting Green, Sustainable Fashion

recycled beads

8. Make Sure Your Complementary Fashion Necessities are Eco-Friendly.

This includes using sustainable hangers and biodegradable detergents. Also, avoid bleach (use “green bleach” alternatives) and try using natural stain removers before purchasing chemically-laden stain fighters. Oh, and did we mention investing in eco-friendly washer and dryer appliances? Besides reducing water consumption, it reduces your bills. Gotta save them dollars where you can.

9. Stop Making Excuses.

The #1 excuse for supporting anything eco-friendly relates to money. Whether it’s food, automobiles, or fashion, people like a deal and, let’s face it, organic usually implies “$$$.” However, don’t think about the immediate gratification of saving a few bucks, but rather look at the bigger picture. Think of all the good you are doing, and try to understand that paying a little more goes a long way in the end. Another common argument is that eco-friendly fashion isn’t as stylish as traditional designs. Sure, “traditional fashion” has been around a lot longer, so yes, there are more options. But there are a plethora of new brands popping up, serving the demand for eco-chic fashion. Do your research and look for sustainable versions of an item you’re coveting, rather than simply deeming finding a green version unlikely.

10. Speak Up.

We’re not suggesting you be a political advocate for all things green (though if you did that, that would warrant you a gold-star of awesomeness). We’re just suggesting you speak out when the opportunity presents itself. Store owners are dedicated to serving their customers, so if enough people demand eco-friendly fashion alternatives, they will most likely comply. And remember, actions speak louder than words, so implement green fashion practices into your everyday life. Repeat after us: “Practice what you preach.”

We hope this helps you on your path to supporting sustainable fashion. If you have any other suggestions, be sure to bring them up in the comments. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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Wardrobe Remix. Creative Commons photo by Cosmic Bandita
Clothing Facts. Creative Commons photo by Phat Pat
Recycled Beads. Creative Commons photo by ecocessories


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