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Eco-Friendly Fashion: 10 Tips for Supporting Green, Sustainable Fashion

This is a guest post from The Emerald Closet.

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Green fashion is more prevalent than ever. At one point it was typical to sacrifice style in order to support the eco-friendly fashion initiative. However, more and more designers are implementing green fashion practices into their designs and construction. Being eco-chic is possible, you just need to know the facts. Here we provide you some tips for supporting green fashion, and how you can implement it into your wardrobe.

1. Pay Attention to Where Clothing and Accessories are Made.

Don’t ignore that “Made In” verbiage on clothing tags and packaging. Aside from the benefit of supporting local materials and designers, it gives you insight into the energy wasted to transport that one item. The further away it’s made, the larger the carbon footprint of that product.

2. Buy Second-Hand, Vintage, and Recycled Styles.

The longer the life line of a garment, the less time it will spend in landfills. Someone else’s garbage is another person’s treasure, so remember to donate your old styles as well. Feeling crafty? Put your own spin on old items and refurbish old styles to create a new, DIY look.

3. Avoid Purchasing Items That Require Intensive Care, such as Dry Cleaning.

Many dry cleaners use harsh chemicals and methods to wash clothing. If you need to use a dry cleaner, seek out one that is sustainable. If funds permit, seek out an Energy Star washer and dryer, which can save gallons of water a year. Be wary of clothing that advertise low-maintenance features, such as “wrinkle free.” These often use harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment.

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