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Eco Everyday Natural Laundry Soap

Eco Everyday Natural Laundry Soap


Now that my closet is filled with organic cotton and low impact dyes, I find myself taking two steps back every time I wash my eco-friendly garments in a wide range of chemicals. Thankfully, through Gaia Conceptions, I came across Eco Everyday Natural Laundry Soap.

Cute Eco Everyday Washing Machine

When I first received the sample that Betsy Blake (owner and head-soap maker) sent me, I was pleasantly greeted with a wonderful scent of lavender and a cute little card describing my handmade soap. Before I even used the laundry soap, I was in love.

With further reading, I realized the scent I loved was called “Sweet Soundtrack,” made from zesty citrus and soothing lavender essential oils. Conveniently, for anyone who is allergic to or does not like essential oils, the soap comes in an unscented flavor as well!

Why use natural laundry soap instead of conventional laundry detergent? Let’s look at conventional detergent.

  • Corrosive and toxic chemicals in many detergents can irritate skin, lungs and eyes, damage the immune system and contain suspected hormone-disruptors
  • Common packaging is made with PVC Vinyl, a potent carcinogen
  • Water used with these detergents is released back into our rivers and streams, compromising the water quality
  • For many more frightening facts about Conventional Laundry Detergent check out “Product Report: Laundry Supplies” from National Geographic Green Guide (April 10, 2007)

How does Eco Everyday differ from Conventional Detergent?

  • Handmade from renewable natural resources
  • Minimal packaging
  • Contains no excess filler
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Gentle on even very sensitive skin (both scented and unscented)
  • Effective
  • Works in conventional and high-efficiency machines
  • Preserves the longevity of garments and linens

After using Eco Everyday twice, once in a washing machine and once by hand in my sink, I was thoroughly impressed with it. My clothes were clean, soft and smelled fresh. The best part about Eco Everyday? The prices. For a small package (20-40 loads) it’s $7.50, a medium (32-64 loads) it’s $9.00 and for a large (56-112) it’s only $14.00!

Thanks to Eco Everyday, everyone can afford to wash their clothing, chemical free, while being good to your skin, your garments and the earth!

Images Credit: Eco Everyday

Written by Emily Konkler

Born in a small town in southern Minnesota, which didn’t quite fit her fancy, Emily headed for New York City soon after high school. While living in New York City, Emily's keen fashion sense was harnessed, transforming from a hobby to a quintessential passion. Emily has been involved with the fashion industry in numerous aspects including modeling, styling and managing runway shows.

Emily lives with her boyfriend Matthew and her overweight cat, Sisu, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She enjoys painting without talent, reading into the wee hours of the morning, rubbing Sisu behind her ears, sewing on her new machine, eating curry and naan whenever possible, wearing boots all year round, spending good ol’ quality time with her friends, drowning in organic cotton and giggling with her boyfriend.

Currently, Emily is a fashion design student and works at The Nature of Beauty-an organic beauty oasis, where her love for everything organic has flourished and taken her heart by storm. Follow her on Twitter @thekonks.

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