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Eat Your Antioxidants

Feelgood Quickie
Antioxidants Infographic

Last week’s quickie was about working out this spring and getting motivated.  We received some great comments from readers.  Interval training seems to be popular right now, have any of you achieved good results with interval training?

While I have yet to give that one a go, I have switched things up a little this week with my work out and have noticed a difference in my motivation.  Rather than my usual power yoga, I am doing more weight training with some ab work.  And I am still running, but trying to up my speed a little bit.  Also, a new playlist does wonders for your run!

Another healthy thing I am trying to do is get more antioxidants into my system.  These little beauties fight free radicals, those nasty rogue molecules that cause premature aging and disease.  Even though green tea is not my absolute favorite, I have been trading in my afternoon iced coffee for an iced green tea. But the above visual by onebourbon at got my attention.  Yummier ways to get those antioxidants and still have that afternoon coffee.  (Sorry, green tea).

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Written by Liz Thompson

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