Does Pravana = Nirvana :: A New Natraceutical Hair Care Line.

The founder of Pravana Natraceuticals, Steve Goddard, is a 30 year veteran of the hair industry and former CEO of Wella. Not content with being a mere hair stylist or business genius, Goddard believes that hairdressing has evolved and transcended the status quo, to encompass what needs to be a holistic approach to hair care that enhances both your inner and outer beauty. Enter Pravana Natraceuticals. A unique fusion of European sophistication, ancient Mayan botanicals and innovative American technology, the entire collection is infused with a proprietary blend of human hair keratin amino acids, silk amino acids, and hydrolyzed wheat protein to strenghten and fortify hair from the inside out. There are still a huge number of conventional hair care brands using sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulphate or sulphate based cleansing agents that are drying to the hair and can strip color. Other nasties include Centrimonium chloride, and MEA + DEA which are both suspected carcinogens. Pravana Natraceuticals is free of all sulphates, parabens and other harmful ingredients, and all colors are plant-based. The best of science and the best of nature. Does it get any better? Writer :: Emma Pezzack – the best organic beauty products in the world.

Written by Emma Pezzack

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