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DIY Facial Oils :: Creating Custom Blends for Less

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Have you discovered the beauty of facial oils? They moisturize, nourish, and lend a lovely glow to skin. And there is a blend for each and every skin type.

I use facial oils twice a day, every day. And I do have my faves. One of them is RMS Beauty Oil created by the fabulous Rose-Marie Swift. Another is Ila Face Oil for Glowing Radiance…the bomb! And, of course, no list is complete without the cult passion Rodin Olio Lusso. Love it too.

The one and only drawback to these yummy oils? Their price tag. Yep, it is true, facial oils are usually at the top of the beauty product price spectrum. The reason for this; oils ain’t cheap. To make a one fluid ounce combo of all of the glorious oils found in the products I’ve listed above, you’d have to drop a pretty penny. And the likes of these three are made with the purest of the pure.

So, what’s a gal on a budget who also wants totally gorgeous skin to do?

Create your own. This has been one of my side projects lately. I started by reading the ingredient listings of my favorite facial oils, choosing the oils I like the most from those lists (jojoba, rosehip, and sea buckthorn are at the top), and mixing up some of my own beauty oils.

Here’s how to create your own facial oil:

Oil blend #1 – 2 parts jojoba/2 parts rosehip/3 drops sea buckthorn/2 drops vanilla extract

This first try turned out much too heavy. It also turned out much too orange. When using oils like sea buckthorn, a little goes a long way. I love sea buckthorn because it soaks into skin well and is one of those oils that gives you some glow. But a drop is about all you need when mixing up a very small amount. I am using a sample sized bottle for these mixes.

Oil blend #2 – 3 parts jojoba/2 parts rosehip/1 drop sea buckthorn

This one is more closer to the color and feel of RMS Beauty Oil. The base for all of my blends is jojoba oil. This is a great oil to use as a base because it is light and very closely matched to the skin’s naturally produced oil, making it a good choice for all skin types. I cut back on the sea buckthorn and this one wasn’t quite as greasy as the first. We are getting there.

Oil blend #3 – 3 parts jojoba/2 parts rosehip

I really like this one. A light and smooth blend. Rosehip is one of my all time favorite oils to use, and I even love it all on its own. It is super light, plus it contains anti-aging properties. Rosehip is also good for lightening spots and scars, and is mildly exfoliating. It is the reason many facial oils make your skin feel like silk.

My conclusion: Blend 3 is my favorite, though I would like to get my hands on some ashwaganda and jasmine to add just a pinch of each. Blend 2 is great for night time and I am sure will come in handy this winter when more hydration and glow-boosting are required.

I spent around $40 on these oils at a local health foods store and they will keep me going for a good long time. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great site for stocking up on any organic ingredients.  If you are looking to mix up your own facial oil, start with oils you know your skin likes and go from there. The fewer ingredients to start, the better. Never used a facial oil before? Take a look at Terri’s series on facial oils for some tips.

Next up, a custom body oil…

[Image by Nomadic Lass at, cc]

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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