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DIY Decor: Make Wall Art with Embroidery Hoops!

DIY Decor: Make Wall Art with Embroidery Hoops!

If you want DIY decor on a budget, you’ll love this tutorial: make wall art with embroidery hoops and vintage lace!

I recently moved into a new (to me) rental home that is plagued with builder beige. In other words, every single wall of the home is painted with a light beige paint. I’m thankful it’s not a patterned wall paper, but it’s a bit boring for my taste. I came up with DIY decor projects to add texture and fun to my walls. For my first project, I combined embroidery hoops and vintage lace for awesome wall art!

What You Will Need:

1. Vintage lace. You can find vintage lace at antique shops, vintage stores, thrift stores, and garage sales.

2. Embroidery hoops. I found all of mine at garage sales.

3. Scissors

4. Small nails

5. A hammer

How To Do It:

1. Take out the inner ring of your embroidery hoop.

2. Cut and arrange your vintage lace on the inner hoop. For one hoop, I overlapped the lace and covered the entire hoop. For the others, I put spaces in between each strip of lace, and used different types of lace.

DIY Decor: Make Wall Art with Embroidery Hoops!

3. Once you’ve arranged it how you would like, carefully put the outer hoop around the inner hoop. Then, tighten the screw to secure the lace in place.

4. Cut off any excess lace.

5. Use small nails and a hammer to hang your hoops!

I love the way my hoops go perfectly with my thrifted yellow vintage chair! While the hoops don’t add a lot of color, they add tons of character and texture (plus my yellow chair has plenty of color). Want to see more? Check out the embroidery hoop collage I created for my living room!

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Written by Bonnie Getchell

Hello! I'm Bonnie -- a craft nerd, musician, writer, furniture and vintage lover, crafter, and diyer!

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