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DIY Decor: 10 Ways to Update Boring Pillows

DIY Decor: 10 Ways to Update Boring Pillows

After all of the spring cleaning is done, it’s time to update your home with DIY decor! Let’s get started with 10 ways you can update boring pillows!

Pillows have a huge impact on your decor! They add color, warmth, and texture to your couch, favorite chair, or comfy bed. Sometimes, though, they’re a little plain and boring. If you’re looking for a fun DIY decor update, add pizazz to your pillows! Here are 10 DIY tutorials to get you started:

1. Make a printed pillow with potatoes

Add a fun print to your pillow with a raw potato and fabric based paint!

2. Upcycle an old sweater into a cute pillow

Do you have an old sweater that doesn’t fit or just isn’t your style anymore? Upcycle it into an adorable pillow with lots of texture!

3. Felt flower pillow

If you have recycled felt in your craft stash, add it to your pillow for a fun and stylish flower. If you don’t have any recycled felt, you could felt an old sweater, too!

4. Make a graphic pillow cover with organic flannel

Julie at Crafting a Green World painted a custom graphic on organic flannel for an incredible one-of-a-kind pillow!

5. Create a t-shirt pillow cover

Are you holding on to a stack of t-shirts for sentimental reasons? Now you can keep them forever with this t-shirt pillow cover tutorial from Uncommon Designs!

6. Chevron pillow from old jeans

Before you donate all of your old jeans, keep a few pairs for this an incredible chevron pillow tutorial! It seems like it requires more work, but the end result is totally worth it!

7. DIY stencil text pillow

Add a fun or meaningful quote on a plain pillow! You could even add a lyric from your favorite song!

8. Ruffled t-shirt pillow

This is another fabulous t-shirt pillow tutorial for all of those t-shirts that you’re holding onto! I love the texture all of the ruffles add to the pillow– it’s oh-so-cute!

9. Buttoned monogram pillow

You guys know I love an awesome button project, so I’m totally in love with this monogrammed button pillow from The Adventures of One Crazy Lady. If you don’t have any vintage buttons on hand, try making your own buttons from recycled materials.

10. Paint your pillow

Give your pillow a pop of color with a water based paint! Southern Lovely used a stencil, but you could freehand art on it, too. You could also try a freezer paper stencil.

Which pillow project do you want to try first? Don’t forget — if you’re making a completely new pillow, try to stay away from polyfill! There are eco-friendly polyfill alternatives like Nature-Fil.

[Photo credit: colorful pillows via Shutterstock]


Written by Bonnie Getchell

Hello! I'm Bonnie -- a craft nerd, musician, writer, furniture and vintage lover, crafter, and diyer!

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