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Did You Meet Irene This week?

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It’s been a pretty wierd week here on the East Coast. We experienced the shake, rattle and roll of an earthquake here at GD Headquarters earlier in the week, and then it was like an episode of Rescue Me here with our local Fire Fighters showed up TWICE to help us pump out the basement with 3 feet of water rising fast after Irene had her way with us.

We are fortunate to have electricity, but so many in town and nearby do NOT. All my local family are among those that do NOT and have descended on GD HQ for computer access, lights, entertainment and food! The grills are busy trying to cook and eat food before it spoils. We have offered our stove to a friend who has a large pork shoulder that needs cooking – bbq anybody?

I’d love to hear about all the creative things folks who have encountered angry Irene are doing to clean up, help out and cheer up.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed this week’s token testosterone guest Green Dude, Paul Miller, of Sustainable Morristown, who is the center of the green and sustainable universe here in our area.

We had a wonderful conversation with‘s very own Randy Paynter and of course talked a lot about ideas for storm preparations for you and your environment. We even had a listener call in with some great ideas!

Please visit our website for a list of some of our ideas for storm preparations and other relevant links & resources from the show – Green Divas website.

Listen to the show here!

Written by Green Diva Meg

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