Finding Happiness in Difficult Changes

In this crazy time of ours, living with a shifting economy, global conflicts, high unemployment and many of our friends, family and neighbors struggling to make it all come together, I am finding that often misfortunes and hardships, though seemingly insurmountable, can actually be transforming – you become a stronger, wiser person, able to truly tap your fullest potential.

Perhaps you personally have experienced financial challenges, loss of a loved one, a period of being super lonely or have recently battled and recovered from an addiction. Whatever the case, we can definitely bounce back from difficult changes like these to an even more solid, grounded place beyond what we expected for ourselves.

Thinking of changes, even tough ones, as opportunities restores my forward momentum to move through hard times and come away more together, balanced, and convicted in my journey. These inspirational quotes have given me hope, taught me sound lessons, and are often just what I need to reassure myself I have enough…

  • “Try to realize it’s all within yourself – no one else can make you change, and to see you are only very small and life flows on within you and without you is perfect.” – George Harrison
  • “If you don’t look you can’t see, if you can’t see, you can’t shift- the stage is the Self.” – Elena Brower, Yoga Master
  • Believe in yourself no matter what. You matter. Your unique opinions and ideas are vital to this plant. You have a contribution no other person can make. Without your unique stamp on the world humanity will not fully prosper.” – Phyllis King, Ph.D
  • “Take responsibility and ownership for your life, your success and your happiness. If you do not, no one else is going to do it for you.” – David Riklan, author
  • “Never give yourself a chance to fall apart because, when you do, it becomes a tendency and it happens over and over again. Practice staying strong instead. Practice being good with the rough edges.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, author
  • “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer see the mark upon the path of the infinite and He bends with you His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness; for even as He loves the arrow that files, so he loves also the bow that is stable.” – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
  • “Because I remember I despair, it is because I remember, that I have a duty to reject despair.” – Nelson Mandela
  • “When one is out of touch with oneself, one cannot touch others.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Thoughts, quotes, and those inspirational snippets of phrases can catch us and remind us of the deep current of “aliveness” that runs in our veins are so powerful. Embrace the words and the energy as your day starts, on your way to work, or before going to bed, and you can fill your mind with those sentiments to remind yourself we really are awake, alive and that no matter what happens we can trust we are guided and solid in our paths.

Written by Lisa Pool

A "re-branding" agent and free lance writer, Lisa Pool works with clients to master their image and teaches on the DIY way to successful marketing and small business promotions. Lisa will be releasing her book "Sweet Bedlam - the epic road from fear to inner peace and personal success" spring 2012. Lisa loves her yoga, running and learning to balance the single mom life.

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