Blog Action Day: Cool Health Benefits of Water

  • whenever the human body begins to get dehydrated, it conserves water, so staying hydrated will keep you feeling like a flowing river not a dam.
  • the brain must be kept hydrated and if the body is lacking water, it will supply the brain first and foremost, and this limits the loss of water in other areas of the body, so keep your entire body and mind refreshed if possible.
  • it is a fact that chronic dehydration from not drinking enough water, or from drinking water-depleting drinks causes respiratory water loss and closes off the lung capillaries, so know asthma can be prevented by drinking water.
  • because caffeine is water-depleting (especially coffee, tea and sodas) it requires one to double up on the water, and ironically it will help ease bloating by hydrating the body and by helping to eliminate toxins from some caffeinated drinks.
  • diabetes may be possible to reverse with adequate water consumption of eight to ten cups a day.

While learning about the health benefits of water is essential, understanding global water topics is important too, check out my “Water is Life” post if you’d like to “dig deeper into the often shocking, disheartening, yet hopeful issues around water” ~ the Blog Action Day team

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