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Convenient Aromatherapy Personals by Nuworld Botanicals

I have always loved the idea of aromatherapy and at times (headache, extreme stress…) have tried it.  But the idea of having to 1) research which essential oils are appropriate for which need, and 2) buy and combine said oils without coming up with something obnoxious, sounded like more than I wanted to take on.  And even though essential oils can be very beneficial they are also very potent and care needs to be taken when using them.

Not long ago Stancie Wilson reported on Nuworld Botanicals Aromatherapy Personals on her blog Fig+Sage, and I just had to try them.  They are little rollerball vials that combine aromatherapy and acupressure, along with health benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and 100% certified organic essential oils.  Nuworld Botanicals uses a base of 100% certified organic Jojoba oil to dilute the essential oils for safe use.

Stash in your purse, gym bag or desk and simply massage the rollerball onto pulse points, like wrists, temples, insides of elbows and back of neck.  With 11 Aromatherapy Personals($17) to choose from you can brighten your mood, relax your mind, conquer cravings and relieve a sinus headache, just to name a few.

Sweet Dreams – Promotes a peaceful, relaxed state

Stress Relief – Helps reduce stress and brighten mood

Energy Boost – Uplifting, revitalizing, increases alertness

Jet Lag Relief – Helps alleviate fatigue, nausea, digestive issues

Mental Clarity – Sharpens mental focus, concentration and memory

Crave Control – Helps control cravings for carbs and sweets

Immune Boost – Enhances immunity, use when feeling run down or at onset of a cold

Anxiety Relief – Reduces anxiety and promotes inner calm

Sinus Headache Relief – Reduces sinus congestion, headaches and tension

Meditation – Promotes a meditative mood

Aphrodisiac – Enhances sensuality and increases sexual energy

These little pocket sized roll-ons are a pleasure to use.  With so many to choose from (and so many unique and lovely scents) it was difficult not to put them all on at once.  Instead I opted for an aromatherapy regimen over the course of several days so that I could really get a sense of how these scents actually work.

In the morning I apply Energy Boost to my wrists and take a deep whiff.  The minty, eucalyptus scent is refreshing and definitely a wake up call.  After getting the kids off to school it is time to get to work.  I must admit, ever since spring entered the picture my mind has been wandering, so…..Mental Clarity it is.  This one is a bit more subtle and earthy, but very straight to the point.  Good for getting down to business.

With all that the month of May brings to the social/school/business calendar, stress comes along with it.  Stress Relief is my favorite scent combo of the bunch, slightly fruity with just the right amount of patchouli (think mildly spicy, not dirty hippy) and I get compliments whenever I have it on.  Anxiety Relief smells mainly like Lavender which has so many beneficial properties and smells so good there really is no reason not to wear this one.  I have been wearing the latter two together (stressed or not) for an original scent.  And there are plenty of times for Crave Control.  The fresh, spiky citrus scent puts you more in the mood for a ripe orange than a sugar-loaded cupcake.

I haven’t had much need for Jeg Lag, but will definitely throw it in the bag on our next trip to ward off motion-sickness.  And during the next cold and flu season the family better be ready to get a little Immune Boost action to the pulse points.  This one will become as good a friend as non-toxic hand sanitizer.

All of the eleven are mild and wearable, even for those with scent-issues, and the convenient size and borderline addictive nature of the little bottles make Aromatherapy Personals an easy and rewarding way to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily living.  Now, if only they could make one that promotes tight abs.

Image credit:  Nuworld Botanicals

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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