Collage, Cocoons as Glimpses of the Art of Living and Loving


Constant in life is the collection of moments. We are travelers through layers of mind and spirit with glimpses of love and beauty that nourish us along the way. We love who we love, still, we are constantly in flux as our hearts and universe grows and expands with appreciation of what we have, what is passing away, and coming to be. Transformation is linked to evolution. It is not wise to be overly nostalgic, yet, we own, through who we love, a spiritual emotional wealth [exponentially]. Although it is believed that attachment can be a hindrance, we need to remember as we teeter on our promontory to enlightenment or sit centered in the Dao, that our relationships are teachers providing a reason for deeper humanity to prevail.  Inner joy derived from loving who we love, keeps our wills strong as the waves of life demand we grow and change.

One way to collect these relationships is through the modern passion for collage. Art houses, galleries, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and bohemian enclaves, indoors and out, become colorful sketches of the lives we live.

In my own family, we are travelers around the globe. Our diversity of location, life path, and art of living may vary, however, there is a shared cord of deeply held, personal environmentalism that runs through us and our expanded family.

There are many ways to do collage. My favorite is film. Film can capture and record light in multidimensional form. Light found in all directions of the four winds and into radiating of personal relationship.

My son Zach tells us that family is a state of mind, inclusive of others, who share as kindred spirits,  enriching our convictions, visions, and deep moments of experience in living on this planet thrown into space.

In these collections of our family I include our close loved ones, to capture the commonality we all employ — organic locally grown food, bikes, oceans, sky, snow, and flowers. Real shamanic experience is about nature. The natural world that nourishes our emotional terrains through which we style our art of living.

We cocoon in unconditional love and flow out in individual artistic planetary expression through such experience. Collage captures the cocoon as one welcomes, the remembrance of these natural worlds.

Written by Cynthia Shahan

is an Organic Farmer, Classical Homeopath, Art Teacher, Creative Writer, Anthropologist, Natural Medicine Activist, Journalist, and mother of four unconditionally loving spirits, teachers, and environmentally conscious beings who have lit the way for me for decades.

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